What is Aminophylline and Aminophylline Cream

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What is Aminophylline?


What is AminophyllineAminophylline is a prescription drug for treating disorders in breathing due to chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, wheezing, and other lung problems. The drug is in liquid syrup, pill, and suppository form. It relaxes the lungs and opens the air passages making it possible to breathe easily. Although there are other uses for the drug, you should consult your doctor first for further information.

Precautions in Taking Aminophylline

Prior to taking Aminophylline, inform your doctor of the allergies that you may have about the drug and any other drugs.

Inform your doctor about the nonprescription drugs or medications that you are taking. Be especially attentive in telling about medications that contain epinephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, or phenylpropanolamine which may be present in most over-the-counter drugs like colds medications. You need to check the labels carefully in order to prevent something disastrous. They may have adverse effects when taken together with Aminophylline, and to avoid such things you must consult with your doctor first for advice.

Tell your doctor if you are currently taking azithromycin, allopurinol, cimetidine, carbamazepine, clarithromycin, erythromycin, diuretics, ciprofloxacin, phenytoin, prednisone, rifampin, oral contraceptives, tetracycline, or other medications that treat heart disease or infections.

Inform your doctor if you are smoking or using tobacco based products because it can decrease the effect of Aminophylline.

Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or suspecting that you are on the way, planning to become pregnant, or currently breast feeding. If you happen to get pregnant while under Aminophylline medication, then don’t hesitate to tell your doctor about your condition to prevent any disaster or danger.

Tell your doctor about the heart disease that you may have or if ever you had seizure, overactive thyroid gland or underactive thyroid, liver disease, or if you had or experiencing alcohol abuse.

Known Side Effects of Aminophylline

Some commonly known side effects of Aminophylline are stomach aches, headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, insomnia, irritability, and restlessness. There are more severe symptoms in which you need to seek the doctor’s help immediately like increased or rapid heart rate, seizures, rashes on the skin, vomiting, tremors, and irregular heart rate.

Aminophylline Cream

The presence of Aminophylline in cream form is weak, and it can be easily rubbed into the skin. Aminophylline cream can be bought without any prescription, and it is used for reducing cellulite and fat, specifically around the thighs.

Results of research regarding its effectiveness vary, but there are users of the cream that claim that the cream really works for them. It might help reduce the appearance of cellulite and other body fat, but experts still say that the best way to get rid of unwanted fat is through proper diet and exercise.

Advantages or Benefits of Using Aminophylline Cream

If you hate the excess fat but you also hate liposuction then using the cream can be advantageous for you. You must not, however, expect too much from it. It can only help you break the fats somehow, but getting rid of the flab still depends on your diet and exercise.

Some reported visible results in one week. It may not get rid all of your cellulite just by using the mere cream alone but is can help start breaking them and all you need is the right workout to tone your thighs.

Although the cream contains Aminophylline, it is completely safe to use. Most Aminophylline creams contain other ingredients that can also help repair damaged skin to make it look smooth and fair.

Aminophylline cream can also help tighten the skin to make it firm. Because of this, it also has anti aging capabilities that ladies truly appreciate.

Although most clients of the cream are women, men can also use the cream.

Important Things About Aminophylline Cream to Note

The only recorded side effect of Aminophylline cream is skin irritation and nothing severe. It may be due to the presence of other ingredients and not because of Aminophylline itself.

For optimum effect, it is suggested to rub the cream into the skin at least twice daily preferably after taking a shower. You will need few minutes to massage it into the skin and warm it because it can penetrate the skin better that way to give favorable results. It can decrease the size of fat cells faster that way.

Other creams might only penetrate the outer layer of the skin, but Aminophylline creams penetrate way deeper to target the fat cells and cause them to break.


Aminophylline Cream Free Trial Available

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