Aminophylline Side Effects

by admin on May 24, 2012


Aminophylline Side Effects

Aminophylline is a prescription medication employed for Bronchial asthma sufferers. It de-stresses the actual muscle tissue, reduces lung discomfort and enhances inhaling and exhaling. Aminophylline may be taken by mouth, injection therapy as well as utilized as lotion for topical application.

Topical application of Aminophylline cream can decrease cellulitis also. This significantly penetrates in to the pores and skin and eradicates the extra water or liquids kept in fat cells. Aminophylline assists to get rid of excess water saved in the cellulite affected areas like hips thighs and buttocks.

Lets take a closer look at some potential Aminophylline Side Effects.


Aminophylline side effects

Muscle discomfort or twitching by using aminophylline cream or another form of this medication can cause muscle twitching, tenderness or muscle pain. These types of side effects generally diminish quickly Nevertheless talk to the doctor if the pain or tenderness is very high and makes it impossible to carry out your daily duties.

When it comes to rashes and redness Aminophylline can cause skin irritation and swelling when administered on the skin as a topical cream to remove cellulite. Facial swelling may also occur in case you decide to use Aminophylline Cream as a facial cream for some reason. If the swelling, rashes and redness does not disapear after a short while then stop using the cream and consult with a doctor regards the further steps.

Nausea and dizziness can be other Aminophylline side effects as well, but that is mostly when Aminophylline is taken orally or with injections for the treatment of asthma and are normally caused by an incorrect dosage. Again consult with your doctor if those symptoms continues.

Headaches and sleeping disorder are common Aminophylline side effects and will mostly occur when taken orally or with injections. Normally they are only short term and will dissapear within a few days when your body get used to Aminophylline.

Appetite loss and elevated urinations is another Aminophylline side effects that may even lead to vomiting.

If you are suffering from Restlessness and nervousness while using Aminophylline it is very likely because of a strong dose of Aminophylline either on purpose of because you are over dosing and it become an Aminophylline side effects, here in this case you need to consult with your doctor to discuss your actual dosage. But normally those Aminophylline side effects will subside over a few days.

Seizures and irregular heart beat are more extreme Aminophylline side effects and you should immediately consult with a doctor or visit the emergency room because it may lead to fainting and other more serious illnesses.  These symptoms are very rare and are normally caused by taking Aminophylline orally or by injections.

If you are taken Aminophylline as an asthma medication you should avoid strong stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol. Utilization of Aminophylline   should be prevented or dosage need to be adjusted incase of pregnancy or being a nursing woman in order to avoid any complications. People struggling from heart disease, diabetes, irregular heart beats, liver diseases, stomach ulcers or seizures need to consult with a doctor before utilizing aminophylline as it may worsen the issue and cause Aminophylline side effects.


Aminophylline Side Effects Using An Aminophylline Cream for Cellulite Reduction

Aminophylline cream can be used to minimize cellulite having said that it may require a regular or frequent application to keep the affected area slim because dehydrated skin may reabsorb water.

Aminophylline is not recommended for young children and elderly. It is a strong medication and need to be used after the consultation with the doctor only. Aminophylline cream may reduce cellulite Nevertheless it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet for better results.

It is minimum what you will experience of the above Aminophylline Side Effects using and Aminophylline cream to get rid of your cellulite.

Aminophylline side effects are mostly directed towards taken orally and with injections.

Normally and in most cases you will not have any Aminophylline side effects and they do only occur in rare cases.

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