Aminophylline Cream – Getting Rid of Cellulite

by admin on May 11, 2012


Aminophylline Cream – Getting Rid of Cellulite


Aminophylline CreamAminophylline Cream is one of the latest trends when it comes to the treatment and removal of cellulite.

Aminophylline was originally used as a medicine to treat bronchial Asthma but because of its dehydrating and diuretic capabilities it is now also being used to remove cellulite in form of an Aminophylline Cream.

The best Aminophylline Cream available on the market is with no doubt Procellix because it is a 2% Aminophylline Cream solution where other Aminophylline solutions are only 0.5%.

Another benefit with Procellix Aminophylline Cream is that many other ingredients are added as well to effectively target your cellulite and perform a full skin repair and recovery so your skin on those areas will start to look nice and smooth.

For a limited time only you can get your own free trial of Procellix Aminophylline Cream so you can try out how effectively an Aminophylline Cream can be in the removal of your cellulite.

All you have to do is to click on the link below and claim your free trial and it will be on the way to you.

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Procellix Aminophylline Cream How it Works

Compared to other types of cellulite creams on the market, Aminophylline Cream is able to penetrate deeply into your skin, into the inner layers where your skin fat cells are located.

These skin fat cells are the reason why you have cellulite in the first place because they are being pushed out towards the inside of your skin.

The two reasons why this is happening is firstly because of the numbers of fat cells but also the size of those fat cells which means the more and bigger they are, the more cellulite will be visible.

fat cells before and after

An Aminophylline Cream Dehydrating Capabilities

An Aminophylline Cream is able to penetrate thru the skin and dehydrate the fat cells so they will decrease in size.

Over time they will lose so much cell fluid that they will also start to decrease in numbers if you continue to do this treatment over a certain time period.

The result will be less fat cells will be present and that way your cellulite will become less visible.

The problem with other types of cellulite cream especially the ones based on Retinol is that they are only working topical and are taking care of the skin as if it was the skin that was the problem, which it is not.

For sure other cellulite creams will help soften your skin so it will feel nice, but they are not able to handle the real problem.

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Exercising and Diet is not Enough For Cellulite Removal

You could ask yourself why not just do a low calorie diet combined with regular exercises to burn some calories and that way get rid of my cellulite?

It is a fact that diet and exercise alone is not able to remove your cellulite. You can be in the best shape of your life and still have some cellulite situated on hips, thighs and buttocks.

This is because diet and exercises are targeting the deeper layers of body fat that really do not have anything to do with cellulite, and they cause very little metabolic activity on your skin fat cells.

If you really wanted to remove your cellulite with diet and exercising it is going to take you a very long time, so long that you would give up your diet long time before getting any of the results you wanted.

So Aminophylline is a good short cut that will help speeding up this process.

Dr Oz As Seen On TV

Aminophylline Cream Benefits

So what benefits will you get using an Aminophylline Cream like Procellix?

  • Removal and Reduction of Cellulite
  • Tighten up your skin so it become firm
  • Skin Anti Aging Abilities
  • Restoration of Broken and Damaged Skin

Just to mention some of the most important benefits using Procellix Aminophylline Cream.


The Best Way to Administer Aminophylline Cream

For the most optimal way to use an Aminophylline Cream is to massage it gently into your skin 2 times a day, in the morning right after a morning shower and in the evening preferable after a shower as well.

The best you can do is to spend a few minutes on massaging your skin, to warm it up a little. That way the Aminophylline Cream will penetrate much better and you will get a better results.


How Long Will It Take Before I Start to See Results Using an Aminophylline Cream?

You should expect to see results all ready after one week use. but in order to get everlasting results you need to continue using the cream between a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on how much cellulite you have and the thicknes of your skin.

But if you are using a moisturizing cream all ready you just use Procellix Aminophylline Cream instead because some of the ingredients in Procellix Aminophylline Cream will moisturize your skin as well and make it nice and smooth.

What are Users Saying About Procellix Aminophylline Cream?

Take a closer look at some of the Procellix Aminophylline Cream happy users testimonials.

This After 5 Weeks Only!!!

This after picture is 5 weeks of using Procellix Aminophylline cream. You can really see the difference.
Tanys Delveccio



I have a friend that uses Procellix Aminophylline cream religiously, she always has the smoothest skin at the water park where our kids play. She told me about it so I decided to give it a try. It really works as good as you say, I have said good bye to ugly cellulite forever
Cheers to you,
Bridgette Paulson
Frankfurt Germany


I absolutely love Procellix Aminophylline Cream!! I have always been very skeptical about products like this, but I saw immediate results! After 5 weeks I have had incredible results! It worked faster then I thought! Thank you.
Jill Tollan, Liverpool UK


Dear Procellix Aminophylline Cream,
I have noticed as I have gotten older that cellulite has begun to form on buttocks and legs, I am not out of shape and exercise regular, but cant seem to get rid of it. I saw your advertisement, and decided to give it a try. It worked unbelievable, everyone out there should know about Procellix!
Your Truly, Dawn Adams, Sidney Australia


Procellix Aminophylline Cream Free Trial

For a limited time you can sign up for a risk free trial of Procellix Aminophylline Cream so you can feel all the benefits yourself when it comes to cellulite removal and reduction. Just click on the link below to claim your free trial.

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